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The Archistoric Story

Cutting edge fabrication and restoration

Founded in the golden era of craftsmanship

It all began in 1923, during the golden era of Chicago’s architecture. Wilmer S. Snow, a lighting designer and graduate of the School at the Art Institute, founded a studio for creating architectural lighting and quickly developed his reputation for innovative design and craftsmanship.

Snow created original drawings for unique lighting fixtures which were archived and some never produced — these drawings provide a constant source of inspiration for our customers. We maintain a historical archive of over 3,000 lighting designs dating from the early 20th century to the present.

Bringing new life to retro design, Archistoric melds Snow’s vision with contemporary designs to produce unforgettable lighting. Our studio creates handmade custom lampshades, pendants and fixtures for restaurants, hotels, clubs and public institutions throughout the world.

Entrust your next lighting project to our 100 years of lighting expertise.

Always tested, always safe

Archistoric Products is a UL shop. Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (est. 1894) is an independent, not-for-profit product-safety testing and certification organization. The UL Mark is one of the most recognized, accepted and trusted symbols in the world. When we apply our UL label to a lighting fixture, it means that we have followed the safety standards for mechanical and electrical construction, and testing required by UL to insure the light fixture is safe.

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Entrust your next lighting project to our 100 years of lighting expertise.

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